Over the past 60 years, we have flexibly combined our internet, mailing, visiting, and these survey methods to identify consumer demand trends, needs, values, and UX (user experience). We have also contributed to our clients' product development, advertising effectiveness, brand image, and market area surveys, media research, corporate research, and regional development.
We are an independent research company capable of providing research services to any private, public, or academic customer, whether in overseas or domestic areas.

Organizations in modern society must rely on limited information to make decisions in an environment where the prospects are harder to forecast than ever, where they can change rapidly and have no control over themselves.
For this reason, there is an increasing need to improve the accuracy of future forecasts and the accuracy of results by repeating the work of consciously questioning what is visible, grasping the current situation from a bird's-eye view, and verifying the facts.

Against this backdrop, we advocate "Research Innovation Partner" and have set a vision of research partners that continue to evolve together with our clients.
We conduct research design based on a broad and multifaceted view of clients' needs and outstanding issues that we have accurately understood through Asking and other means, and through fieldwork, data-gathering, data-processing, and analyses, we verify the hypotheses that have been set in advance, identify facts, and provide insights.

Our vision is "to create value from a wide variety of data by identifying the essence of things, and to accompany our clients in their decision-making." We are also working as our corporate philosophy "to improve society through the realization of customer value by providing new perspectives and co-creating client decision-making through the power of research intelligence."

As a trusted partner, you should be confident that we will co-create essential solutions for issues through teams that appropriately utilize the mature experiences, know-how, and IT techniques that we have accumulated, while running along with our clients on a research basis.