Here are some of the marketing and communications topics that NRC has researched recently.

Product development and positioning

  • Concepts for the development of frozen food
  • The need for earthquake insurance
  • Positioning strategy
  • Product clinic
  • Product use tests
  • Design package tests
  • Taste tests
  • Preference for colors

Sales promotion, buying behavior, and usage and evaluation

  • Customer satisfaction for the quality of durable goods
  • Customer satisfaction for services at stores
  • Customer satisfaction for salespeople's activities
  • Audience satisfaction for TV programs
  • Factors for selecting computer software
  • Employee morale
  • Customer behaviors at big electrical appliance stores
  • Visitors to motor shows
  • Actual retail prices at stores

Advertising, brand equity and media research

  • Advertising effects of magazines and radios
  • Reading of newspaper ads
  • Tests of advertising expression and the evaluation of TV commercial films
  • Evaluation of entertainers for commercial films
  • Corporate image
  • Brand images and brand impact
  • Brand switching of durable goods
  • Images of Korean brands in Japan
  • Subscribers of newspapers
  • Subscribers of magazines

Market demand trends

  • Trend of demand for durable goods
  • Drinking and purchase of soft drinks
  • Market trend of frozen food
  • Intention of replacing old condominiums with new ones and buying condominiums
  • Housing and furniture
  • Purchase and possession of kitchen utensils
  • Intention of possessing and purchasing financial products
  • Pet food
  • Breakfast foods
  • Use of communication in offices

Public opinion, intentions and attitudes

  • Opinion polls among housemakers for domestic chores
  • Comparison study on the opinions of office workers in Japan about their home
  • Opinion polls for dependents
  • Public opinion polls for traffic safety
  • Lives and opinions of children and mothers
  • For-profit homes for aged people
  • Opinion polls of members of labor unions

Lifestyles and values segmentation

  • Lifestyles and brands
  • Living with automobiles
  • Travelers to Southeast Asia
  • Leisure and learning
  • The lives and opinions of high school students
  • Environment-friendly lifestyle

Marketability of new industries

  • Multimedia
  • Intention of possessing cellular phones
  • International exclusive lines
  • LAN users
  • Use of the Internet
  • Use of CATV
  • Information networks in offices

Corporations and business-to-business

  • Recommendation of brands at stores
  • Sales promotion at stores
  • Checking service activities at stores
  • Strategy for obtaining memberships among customers
  • Circulation of fresh food
  • Corporate fund managers