Mail Survey

NRC handles mail surveys from a special facility. Completed surveys are returned to our main office for processing. Privacy of personal information is strictly controlled.
Each year, our mailing facility handles over 300,000 questionnaires.

Internet Surveys

Pre-recruited panels of Internet users are available to be interviewed for specific projects. NRC hosts the questionnaires on our own secure servers.

  • NETWORK PANEL(3.0 million Users)

* Number of active monitors who responded within the past 90 days.

Telephone Survey

NRC is capable of providing support for every telephone survey project step from interviewing to data entry and tabulation.

Other Surveys

NRC designs custom surveys to meet the specific requirements of clients. Some custom-designed surveys have included:

  • Product clinics to evaluate reactions to large or complex products, such as automobiles, computers, etc.
  • Visitor interviews at exhibitions, fairs, and racetracks.
  • Customer interviews at restaurants, department stores, etc