Central Location Test (CLT)

In a CLT, respondents gather at a specific venue to be interviewed about their reactions to concepts and products. Venues we use include our offices, shopping malls, exhibition halls, and others. This method is especially suited to testing products that need to be tested under specific conditions or with a certain preparation method.

NRC regularly uses CLTs to test reactions to:

  • Concepts for new products
  • Product packaging
  • New product designs
  • TV commercials and print ads
  • Taste of foods, beverages, and other products

Annually, NRC interviews 30,000 consumers through CLTs.

Home Use Test (HUT)

This is a reliable method to test reactions to products in the "real world" under realistic usage conditions. Respondents, who are selected based on specific qualifications, use a product on their own in their usual way, and then evaluate the product.

NRC has recently used HUTs to test: instant noodles, cigars, rice cookers, soft drinks, liqueurs, perfumes, chewing gums, frozen foods, toiletries, health care goods, and other products.