Marketing Solutions

Product Testing and Clinics

In order to formulate a winning product, it is important to listen to the voice of the consumer. NRC uses home-use tests, controlled product trials, and product clinics to learn the opinions of consumers in actual consumption experiences.

We have tested a wide range of products, from beauty care products to automobiles, and from store designs to internet sites. Based on our extensive experience, NRC ensures that products are prepared and presented to exact standards.

Concept Development

Developing concepts for brand communications and product development requires thorough understanding of consumers' psychology. Qualitative research is often the best method to retain the richness and vitality of this information.
We often combine with quantitative method to measure acceptability of the concepts developed through qualitative research.

Pricing (PSM)

NRC's PSM (Price Sensitivity Model) provides reliable parameters for pricing decisions. The PSM employs a four-dimension price model that calculates optimal price points for sales, profitability, or revenue based on a product's positioning and sales channel.

Market Segmentation

NRC makes use of a variety of advanced statistical methods to segment consumers in meaningful and reliable ways based on psychographics, demographics, behavior, and other relevant descriptors.