Omnibus Survey

Nippon Research Center provides a variety of scheduled, panel, and syndicated research services for cost-effective market information.

Scheduled Research Services

NRC regularly conducts omnibus surveys as an extremely economical way to reach a broad market or to ask only a few questions.

Highly representative national survey data

Data is collected from nationally representative 1,200 men and women aged 15-79 years. The gender and age balance is set according to the Japanese population composition ratio.
This survey is useful for analysis of the awareness and the realities of the respondents of the generation above 60 or those who do not use internet, hence difficult to capture in internet survey.

Self-administered visit survey of fresh sample

NOS does not use the survey panel or monitor. We collect a fresh sample every time.
In addition, the interviewers visit and request respondents to answer a questionnaire by a method called self-administered visits by interviewers.

History of more than 45 years

Over the past 48 years, NRC has conducted this survey every month on a regular basis. Since scheduled around the same timing of the months, it is also suitable for use in chronological surveys and tracking surveys.

Cost-effective service

Multiple clients share the cost of conducting the survey, therefore the data cost of each client is set effectively. The participation from just one question is appreciated.

Panel Research Services

NRC operates several e-media panels that offer the cost-effectiveness of pre-recruited respondents and the flexibility to create custom research.


One of the largest panel of Internet users in Japan, NETWORK PANEL includes 5.5 million of motivated members and is continuing to grow. Its size makes it suitable not only for Internet-related research, but also for products and services widely distributed through traditional channels.

Utilizing the interactive nature of the Internet, NRC has developed several qualitative-style research methods for use with our NETWORK PANEL.