Privacy Policy

NIPPON RESEARCH CENTER,LTD. (hereinafter, NRC) contributes to society through market research, public opinion research, and social research, by providing summarized statistical figures about consumer awareness and behavior regarding products and services to corporations and other organizations.

As a business operator that acquires and uses personal and other information from many consumers on a daily basis, we believe that it is our bounden duty to acquire and use personal information in a fair manner and to manage it safely. Accordingly, we comply with the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Conduct which is the international code of conduct of the marketing and research industry, the laws and guidelines established by the government, and other norms including the Marketing Research Guidelines of the Japan Marketing Research Association, and we conduct our daily operations with the greatest care to protect personal information.

NRC has hereby established this Privacy Policy to clarify our purposes and obligations and this Policy serves as our declaration to that effect, both inside and outside of NRC.

Acquisition, use, and provision of personal information

NIPPON RESEARCH CENTER,LTD. promises the following with respect to the acquisition, use, and provision of personal information:

  • When acquiring personal information, NRC will clarify the purpose of using that information and will acquire such information using lawful and fair methods within the scope of our legitimate business.
  • When using personal information, NRC will obtain the consent of the individual and use the information for the intended purpose within the scope of that consent. NRC will also obtain advance consent from the individual when using personal information outside the scope necessary for achieving the intended purpose of use.
  • NRC will manage personal information acquired from individuals in a lawful and appropriate manner and, except in the following cases, will not provide it to a third party without first obtaining the individual’s consent.
    • 1)Cases based on laws and regulations
    • 2)Cases in which the provision of personal information is necessary to protect the life, body, or property of any person, and where obtaining the individual’s consent is difficult.
    • 3)Cases where the provision of personal information is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote sound child development, and where obtaining the individual’s consent is difficult.
    • 4)Cases where a governmental organization, a local government, or entrusted entity requires cooperation in executing affairs defined under law or regulation, and where obtaining the individual’s consent may obstruct the conduct of such activities.
  • NRC will manage personal information in an accurate and updated manner within the scope necessary for achieving the intended purpose of use. NRC will also take measures to prevent personal information from being used outside of the intended purpose.

Acquisition and Use of Cookies

NRC uses the technology called “cookies” on our Internet research website.

Cookies are used to record information in the browser of a computer, etc. when an individual uses a website and reuse that information upon the individual’s next visit to that website.

NRC may use cookies when an Internet research respondent accesses our website, but cookies are only used to make Internet research websites easier to use and never to identify the individual.

Safety Management of Personal Information

NRC takes organizational, human, physical, and technical security measures to prevent and rectify unauthorized access to or any leakage, loss or destruction of personal information. The details of our management measures are stipulated in the Safety Management Regulations for Personal Information Protection, which is used as the code of conduct for our employees and staff.

Compliance with laws, regulations, and other guidelines about the protection of personal information

When NRC handles personal information, we comply with the established laws and regulations concerning personal information protection, the guidelines set forth by the governing authorities, and the Marketing Research Code of Conduct and the Marketing Research Industry Guidelines for Protection of Personal Information set forth by the Japan Marketing Research Association (JMRA) of which NRC is a member, as well as other relevant guidelines.

Handling of Complaints and Inquiries

If you have any inquiries or complaints about NRC’s handling of personal information, please contact NRC as specified in the Inquiries and Complaints section below.

For personal information subject to disclosure, NRC will promptly handle requests from an individual or his/her representative to show usage purposes, to disclose or correct (correct, add, or delete personal information), or to cease using it (cease using it, erase it, or cease providing it to a third party).

*Person responsible for the management of personal information: Director of Quality Management Division (Personal Information Protection Manager)

Continuous Improvement of Personal Information Protection System

To effectively implement our Privacy Policy, NRC has established a Personal Information Protection System, which includes regulations and rules. To improve the effectiveness of this system, NRC provides training to all employees and staff and periodically audits the operation of the system, and continuously reviews and improves the Personal Information Protection System.

All NRC employees strive to protect personal information by conducting daily operations with the greatest care upon fully understanding the purpose of this policy and procedures for handling personal information.

Regulatory Compliance in International Research

When NRC conducts research targeting individuals overseas, NRC will comply with the laws and regulations of that country or region.

NRC complies with the new law on personal information, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enacted in the European Union (EU) in 2018.

February 1, 2001 (Established)
February 1, 2021 (Latest Revision)
Ryoji Sugihara, President and Representative Director

Privacy Mark

NIPPON RESEARCH CENTER,LTD. is certified under the Privacy Mark.

  • Registration year: Acquired in March 2001, with ongoing renewal.
  • Accreditation Organization: General Incorporated Foundation JIPDEC: Japan Information Processing Development Corporation
  • Certification Organization: General Incorporated Association Japan Marketing Research Association (JMRA)
  • Registration Number: 12390009

Purposes of Use of Personal Information

  • NRC’s objective is to statistically process information acquired from consumers on awareness and behavior regarding products and services, and provide it to corporations and other organizations. Personal information acquired is not used in such a way as to allow the identification of individuals.
  • To identify individuals taking part in our marketing research (research respondents), there are cases in which we acquire participant’s names, addresses, etc. in advance. Methodology for acquiring such information may include sampling it from the Basic Resident Register (for public opinion and social research), sampling it from telephone directories and residential maps, sampling it from appropriately and legally acquired commercially available publications such as name lists, and having our marketing research clients provide NRC this information directly. We use the information acquired from this variety of information sources in an appropriate and legal manner.
  • In certain cases, we may widely solicit the cooperation of participants to be registered as research respondents (panel members). The purpose for which the acquired personal information will be used is explained to the panel members when they apply.
  • There are cases in which NRC may acquire personal information such as respondents’ names and addresses on the spot, without identifying individuals who would cooperate with a research in advance (as respondents) in our marketing research. In such cases, the respondents are first informed of the objective either in writing or another form, and then their consent is obtained.
  • In the following cases, NRC will disclose the purpose of use on our website instead of in writing.
    • 1)Personal information acquired in research conducted by NRC
      Purpose of use: Information is used to sample research respondents, send questionnaires or compensation, and for interviewers to visit the home, or to make inquiries via phone, etc.
    • 2)Video recording of customers (visitors) on the street, at stores, or in facilities
      Purpose of use: When conducting observational study, information is used to verify the implementation, to analyze the conditions of the observed point, and to analyze the behavior patterns of customers (visitors), etc.
    • 3)Personal information of audio or video recordings taken during interviews
      Purpose of use: Information is used to confirm the conditions under which the interview was conducted, as well as to confirm the details of statements made in order to analyze the results.
    • 4)Information recorded in responding to phone or other inquiries
      Purpose of use: Calls may be recorded so that we may confirm the details of the conversation and ensure that inquiries from respondents and others are responded to appropriately.
    • 5)Personal information collected through sweepstakes entries in magazines produced by NRC
      Purpose of use: Information is only used to send prizes.
    • 6)Personal information recorded by security cameras installed on our premises
      Purpose of use: Cameras are installed for security and information is used to identify individuals responsible for crimes or accidents, etc.

NOTE: NRC sends research materials via Japan Post or private parcel delivery services.

Regarding Retained Personal Data (Personal Information Subject to Disclosure)

Retained personal data that is subject to disclosure (personal information subject to disclosure) is defined as follows in Article 2 (7) of the Personal Information Protection Act.

“Retained personal data” in this Act means personal data which a personal information handling business operator has the authority to disclose, correct, add or delete the contents of, cease the utilization of, erase, and cease the third-party provision of, and which shall be neither those prescribed by cabinet order as likely to harm the public or other interests if their presence or absence is made known nor those set to be deleted within a period of no longer than one year that is prescribed by cabinet order.

Items of personal information for disclosure handled by NRC and the purposes for its use are as follows:

  • Items of retained personal data
    Personal information retained by NRC, including names, addresses, etc.
  • Purposes of use of retained personal data
    • Sampling research respondents and sending them requests, etc.
    • Sending compensation or prizes
    • Making contacts from NRC or responding to inquiries

Procedure for Disclosing, etc. Retained Personal Data (Personal Information for Disclosure)

With regard to personal information for disclosure, NRC will promptly handle requests from the person concerned or his/her representative to show the purpose of use, to disclose, correct, add, or delete personal information, or to cease using it, erase it, or cease providing it to a third party.

1. Items subject to requests for disclosure, etc.
Personal information retained by NRC, including names, addresses, etc.
2. Where to direct requests for disclosure, etc.
Requests for disclosure, etc. should be sent to the address below by postal mail, by completing the required form and enclosing necessary documentation. Please write “Request for disclosure, etc. enclosed” in red ink on the envelope.
Personal Information Protection Manager
Tokyo Traffic Kinshicho Bldg.
4-26-5 Kotobashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0022, Japan
3. Documentation to Submit when Requesting Disclosure, etc.

When requesting disclosure, please download the application form in 1) below, fill in all the required items, and enclose the documentation in 2) below necessary to verify your identity.

4. Requests for disclosure, etc. from a representative

If the person making a request for disclosure, etc. is the legal representative of a minor or an adult ward, or is the representative commissioned by the individual concerned, please send the documents below (either 1 or 2) in addition to the documentation in section (3.) above.

  • 1)In the case of a legal representative:

    • One (1) copy of NRC’s application form (section 3.1. above)
    • One (1) copy of documentation verifying authority to act as a legal representative
      (in the case of a legal guardian, an abridged copy of a residence certificate or another official document verifying the parent-child relationship, etc.)
    • One (1) copy of identity verification documentation of the legal representative of the minor or adult ward
      (copy of official document of the legal representative such as a driver’s license or passport) (please black out the registered domicile information before submission)
  • 2)In the case of a commissioned representative

    • NRC Power of Attorney One (1) copy
    • Registered seal certificate of the individual concerned One (1) copy
5. Method for Response to a Request for Disclosure, etc.
NRC will mail a written response to the address of the applicant indicated on the application form.
6. Purpose of Use of Personal Information Acquired Regarding a Request for Disclosure, etc.
Personal information acquired as a consequence of a request for disclosure, etc. will only be used within the scope necessary for responding to that request. Submitted documents will be retained for a period of two years following the conclusion of the response to the request for disclosure, etc., after which time, the documents will be destroyed.
7. Regarding Non-Disclosure

In the following cases 1 through 10, NRC will not disclose personal information. In the case of non-disclosure, notification will be made to this effect including the reason(s) for the decision.

  • When NRC cannot identify the individual, for example, because the addresses indicated on the application form, indicated in the documents for identification, and registered at NRC do not match
  • When NRC cannot verify the authority to act as a legal representative when a request is made by the representative
  • When there is a deficiency in the application documentation
  • When the information that the applicant asks to disclose, etc., is not retained personal data (personal information for disclosure)
  • When disclosure may harm the life, physical health, or property of the individual concerned or of a third party
  • When disclosure may encourage or induce illegal or unjust behavior
  • When disclosure may risk national security or cause a disadvantage in negotiations with other countries or international organizations
  • When disclosure may obstruct the prevention, suppression, or investigation of crimes or the maintenance of public safety and order
  • When disclosure may significantly hinder the proper execution of NRC’s business operations
  • When disclosure violates laws and regulations

Provision to a Third Party in a Foreign Country

There are also cases where NRC conducts research within Japan upon the request of international clientele (businesses and public organizations) during global business operations. In these cases, excluding the following exceptions as per the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, personal information that has been acquired by NRC will not be provided to clients overseas without the advance consent of the individual.

  • Provision to foreign countries establishing a system conforming to standards prescribed by rules of the Personal Information Protection Commission Japan
  • Provision to persons establishing a personal information protection system recognized to have equivalent standards to those in Japan as prescribed by rules of the Personal Information Protection Commission Japan

There are necessary and appropriate measures taken for the protection of personal information according to the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations in the case that any information is provided.

Inquiries and Complaints

For inquiries or complaints regarding the handling of personal information by NRC, please contact at:

Telephone NIPPON RESEARCH CENTER,LTD. Personal Information Inquiries +81-3-5638-9173
Hours: 10 am to 5 pm (excluding weekends and holidays)
Mail Personal Information Inquiries
Tokyo Traffic Kinshicho Bldg.
4-26-5 Kotobashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0022, Japan
Contact Us NIPPON RESEARCH CENTER,LTD. Personal Information Inquiries

Please note that we are unable to respond to walk-in requests at our offices.

* Name of authorized personal information protection organization to which NRC belongs, and point of contact for complaints:
General Incorporated Foundation, Japan Information Processing Development Corporation
Personal Information Protection Consultation Service Office